2017 – The year of the 1% mindset & marginal gains.

4th January 2017 | Posted by zabir.hakim

52 weeks of potential for change in life and business, starting now. Are you ready?

Having met and spent time with many extremely successful people over the past decade (not just financially but successful in different ways), there are certain key characteristics that always stand out: Time management, working to a higher purpose, service to others, to name just a few. This is the 1% mindset

They rarely do things massively better but they do everything just a little bit better – marginal gains that deliver transformational results to them personally, to their families and in their career.

I want to share with you 52 things that I have picked up along the way from my own personal experience and from spending time with those individuals.

If you could work on heightening your consciousness, action or behaviours against these 52 things, then you will be installing the script of success as observed in the 1%.

They are in no particular order, may seem very obvious (or not) yet when consolidated and when run as a series of quality scripts or actions, can become very powerful in developing the attributes needed for a successful, happy life.

Here’s to a bigger and better 2017 for you and your families

Imran Hakim


52 Observations/Attributes for a 1% Mindset

1. Life is short. Act Now.
2. Avoid making big decisions on temporary emotions.
3. Read more.
4. Life is a series of transitions, big and small. Change is inevitable, growth is optional.
5. Being ‘present’ in the company of another is the greatest gift you can give to them.
6. Your attitude will determine your altitude in life.
7. See every major change in your life (good and bad) as a pathway to something new.
8. Give what you want to receive. Money. Love. Support. Friendship. Happiness.
9. Criticism of others says more about you, than them.
10. Say ‘no’ more, so you can say ‘yes’ to the things that matter in your life.
11. Motion does not mean progress. Don’t be a rocking chair (a busy fool).
12. Make passion your master. Work for a cause, not applause.
13. Give up judgment of others. If you judge, it’s you that has the problem.
14. Galvanise others to action.
15. See the world as it isn’t to identify where you can add new value.
16. People come and go with an ebb and flow. Don’t worry about people that leave your life, someone new is waiting around the next corner.
17. Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is accepting who you are.
18. Silence is powerful. Regular meditation or time for deep thought away from devices should be part of your high performance routine.
19. Rest is as important as exertion for maximum output in all areas of business and personal performance.
20. When someone tells you it can’t be done it’s more a reflection of their limitations than yours.
21. The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are. The second greatest is being happy with what you find.
22. Be less bothered with acclaim and more bothered with impact.
23. Personal discipline is key in goal achievement.
24. Old ways don’t always open new doors.
25. Don’t allow people who have done nothing tell you how to do anything.
26. Invest your time with those people that lift you higher.
27. Learn how to emotionally monitor yourself to ensure you make quality decisions.
28. Give without condition(s).
29. View your time as you would view any precious resource, handle it with care.
30. Be grateful for the basics in your life, your health in particular.
31. The difference between being in the grind and being grand is the letter ‘A‘. Your Attitude.
32. Everyone interprets the world differently, surround yourself with alternative views and perspectives plus flex yourself regularly.
33. Preserve time for things that enrich you as a person and feed your soul.
34. See opportunity in every human interaction.
35. Be careful of your bias, it can cloud your judgement. Liberate yourself from the need to be right about everything.
36. Everyone needs pressure to perform. Too little = under performance. Too much = under performance. The trick is having just enough pressure for optimum performance.
37. Be a chess player, not a chess piece in life. Make the moves.
38. Dial down your ego, it can get in the way.
39. Know the shadow you cast when in the room and when you leave the room.
40. Regular exercise boosts thinking and creativity as well as well being.
41. The fast track to failure is trying to please everyone.
42. Forgiveness doesn’t condone anything it simply allows you to move on.
43. Once you stop chasing the wrong things, the right things catch you.
44. Listen with intent. The quieter you become the more you can hear.
45. Evaluate who positively influences you. Promote, Demote or De Couple accordingly.
46. The past is a place of reference not residence. Delete or update outdated memories which no longer serve you.
47. Taking action is the only way you will manifest the things you want.
48. The best things in life aren’t always things.
49. FEAR holds you back, it’s often irrational, so think rationally and ask for feedback.
50. To go up a gear you need to engage your clutch.
51. Make your reference point for success how you move towards and live your own vision, value and principles.
52. See rejection as simply a re-direction. You haven’t been rejected, you’ve been re-directed, far easier to process!

Skip back to number 47 for a moment. It’s all about action. If you want to fly in life, then fly TWA by turning your Thoughts and Words into Actions, a simple acronym that separates the people who are delivering it vs. dreaming it.

The header picture for this article is of the sunset in a remote indian village on New Years Eve. I got up early to think about the content of this article (point 18), to think about the things I’m grateful for in life (point 30) and to appreciate the sheer beauty of it (point 33).