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BBR Optometry

Nicholas Rumney:

we started to think about what was the future going to hold. At that point, I was 62-years-old and I have spent a long time building this practice up along with my colleagues but at some point, there was going to come a time when I wasn’t going to be here and I needed to make sure that the 21 staff that we have are going to have a controllable and deliverable future.

It makes absolute sense to join in with a company that’s won best small employer in the UK several years on the trot. The main driver was just an awakening of how far ahead Hakim Group was in supporting everybody during the pandemic. We were a big practice we were turning over 1.6 million even a couple of years ago, so I think we thought we were pretty good. There was always going to be that opportunity to do other things and I just thought there was another stage to play on and playing on the stage with Hakim Group is quite a fun place to be.

BBR Optometry

Nicholas Rumney

Teaming up with a group like Hakim is an excellent way perhaps it’s, at the moment, probably the only good way of achieving that exit strategy within a timeframe that’s manageable. The worst thing I could imagine for both staff and patients is for someone to just suddenly put it on the market, sell up and go. It undermines all of the efforts you’ve put in for the last 20 years so grow together, you know, have the last few years of your exit strategy building the business up so you leave always on a high.

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