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Welcome to Hakim Group

Home to many of the leading Independent optical practices in the UK.

Whether you are thinking of selling your practice in the future, planning a phased exit over the next few years, looking to grow your existing practice or even just in need of something to change for the future prosperity of your practice, we have a solution for you! We offer a refreshing approach to life in an independent optometric practice that has earned us a nationwide reputation for innovation.

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Once the sale goes through, that is when the hard work and real investment begins. Whether it be the latest equipment, practice ambience or staff training, we never cut any corners.

why should you speak to team hakim

if you might be selling your practice in the future?

At the Hakim Group, we have been working with practice owners to help them maximise, not only the sale value of their practice but all the other characteristics of a sale that are precious to them. It can be a daunting thought, parting with something that has formed such a large part of your working life. Especially after putting your heart and soul into building the business as well as nurturing a loyal patient base.

Over the past 15 years we have developed an innovative ‘win-win’ model that works, for us as well as the owner selling the practice. But we would say that. Which is why it is probably a better idea to hear it from the ‘horses mouth’.

We have collated some short case studies of previous practices we have purchased from owners like yourself, who have been through the uncertainty, got the T-shirt and are enjoying life on the other side.

Sharing their journey will help answer some of the important questions that you will no doubt be asking yourself. Whether you are ready to start planning the sale or whether you are just flirting with the idea, we would be more than happy to introduce you to any of them to share their experience with you.

Just give us a call or email me personally on

I hope our paths cross in the near future and I wish you an abundant future wherever your journey takes you.

Dr. Imran Hakim

Dr. Imran Hakim

CEO & Founder

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Our family of independent practices is constantly evolving as we position our business resources for maximum effectiveness. Please take a look at a small selection of practices below. As our group is constantly growing, you may not see our entire portfolio but it will certainly give you a taste of what we do.


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We may not have a ‘magic formula’ but we do have the next best thing! Download our brochures below to find out more.

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