• Hakim

    A unique recipe
    Baked for success

  • Hakim

    Control, when you want it
    Where you want it!

  • Hakim

    Joint venture partnerships
    that are as individual as you are

  • Hakim

    Can I fish?
    Yes you can!

  • Hakim

    We may not have a ‘Magical Formula’
    But we do have the next best thing

  • Hakim

    Team culture
    is our foundation

  • Hakim

    Don’t just imitate
    dare to be different and innovate

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The past few decades have witnessed a huge demand shift in the market share enjoyed by the independents. The joint venture led model championed by the multiples has transformed the face of the optical industry in the UK forever.

But surely a joint venture partnership where the “house always wins” lacks equality? This is where at the Hakim Group we have taken on the challenge of reinventing independent optics. A hybrid solution that ensures there is equal pleasure for both parties. That is why 100% of our joint venture partners over the past decade are still with us and hungry for more! That is why every one of our partners has returned a profit each year. That is why we are redefining the rules of the game. The house doesn’t always win, we ALL win!

An award winning dedicated and experienced support team coupled with the passion and endeavour of our partners has made us one of the fasting growing independent family groups in optometry today. It is our aim to provide our partners with the business support services they require, giving them the freedom to provide the highest degree of professional eye care to their patients. A wide ranging commitment that offers support, peace of mind, cost effective growth – ultimately a healthy and successful business.

The journey isn’t for everybody, but for those that successfully make it onto this team, a fulfilling and abundant career awaits. I look forward to introducing you to our family in the near future.

Dr Imran Hakim | CEO