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Our vision is about more than just eye care. Our vision is to make a difference to you and those around you. To make your professional journey smoother and your business ambitions come to life. To make you feel valued and to be there during the tough times as well as the good.

Tompkins Knight & Son Optometrists

Established in 1868, TK&S Optometrists boasts heritage and clinical excellence. The beautiful period building practice, houses some of the latest optical technology and sought-after designer ranges.

Carolyn Parker Optometrists

Carolyn Parker Optometrists have been taking care of the visual health of the local community for over 17 years and over time, technology and fashions may have changed, but our commitment to quality and service has remained at the heart of our practice.

Skye Optometrists

So I’ve always wanted to run my own practice and have been doing so for many, many years just after spending some time locuming I realised quite quickly that I’m unemployable, so I really wanted to be my own boss.

Wheeldon Opticians

Wheeldon Opticians is an independent, established eyecare provider with premises in West Didsbury, Cheadle and Wilmslow.

BBR Optometry

Established in 1969, BBR Optometry is an award-winning practice with a reputation based on exceptional service and best in class clinical practice.

Wendy Diddams Optometrists

Established in the heart of Knutsford, Cheshire, Wendy built a business from the ground up with patient care at the core of everything she does.

Selling a Practice?

Before you sell your practice, let us tell you our secret … We have a track record of paying market leading prices for the practices that match our criteria. We can ensure that this transition is as easy as possible and suits your future lifestyle aspirations.

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