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Skye Optometrists

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Skye Optometrists

Gavin Rebello:

Running my business with Hakim Group, that partnership gives me freedom. I’m Gavin Rebello and I’m a qualified optometrist, although I very rarely examine eyes these days. I got into optometry because my mum’s -8.00 and as a kid, I always wondered why, you know, why she wore glasses? But I did like that whole looking after someone medical sort of side of things there as well. The big question I’m asked is why don’t I do optometry anymore? Well, I kind of did it for 20 years and in running my own practices what I found I really love doing is helping team members blossom and then do something that they never thought was possible or on their radar so I love nothing more than the glint in an eye of someone when they are really blossoming and reaching their potential. I love that more than anything.

Skye Optometrists

Gavin Rebello

So I’ve always wanted to run my own practice and have been doing so for many, many years just after spending some time locuming I realised quite quickly that I’m unemployable, so I really wanted to be my own boss.

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