Having an aim is key to achieving your best

Every year in Q4, we sit down and think about our goals and vision for the year ahead.

I think it’s one of the most important points of our calendar year, it sets us up for the forthcoming twelve months, it gives everyone targets and goals to work towards and it focuses everyone’s mind on what we need to achieve from the year.

Having a vision with associated goals and targets, is an integral part of any successful business. It’s something for the manager to undertake and also something you can ask all your team to do. Ask everyone in the team what you think you did best in the previous year and the things you can be proud of. Also, what are the things that didn’t go so well and how can you learn from them?

Then ask yourself, what are the main things you as a team want to achieve from the business as a whole from the coming year? Everyone that is involved in any aspect of the practice should share their thoughts in helping come up with the vision. Three to four ideas from each member of the team is more than enough.

Make sure the goals you identify are specific, measurable, appropriate for the practice and also timely – so you’ve all got a timeframe in mind as to when you’ll be seeing results. Then it’s a good idea to pull all the ideas together in one document which becomes your masterplan for the year.

Discuss them all in detail with the team to ensure everyone understands not only their own goals, but those of the business overall and those of their colleagues.

It’s important everyone’s goals align and that people aren’t pulling in different directions or aiming for targets that could disrupt or set back other colleagues plans.

Remember that small but consistent improvements amount to huge change over time and so you’re aiming for realistic, achievable targets with a clear strategy as to how you can get there. Having a concrete plan for the year can transform and revitalise your practice as you enter a new year

Clarity is so important for our business. It means that people understand what they are working towards and what they need to do. This short but powerful evaluation and planning process can take your practice to another level, and as part of this process, it’s also worth identifying one area of focus which should become everyone’s obsession for the year to improve the business. What would be the one thing that, if you got it right, would be a game changer for your practice? Is it improving customer service? Getting your IT right? Focusing on footfall or smarter stock purchase? Upgrading your premises? Better management of overheads?

Whatever it may be, make sure it is reflected throughout your practice plan for the year and keep it in mind in everything you do. Once you’ve got your plan in place, it makes it much easier to work out where you’re the practice is heading for the year.

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Every year in Q4, we sit down and think about our goals and vision for the year ahead. I think it’s one of the most important points of our calendar..

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